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Introducing your product in a new market is not always without risk. A lot of trade barriers and, even more difficult, cultural differences between home and host countries can sometimes be a cause for total failure of a mission that was beforehand estimated to be a "sure thing".

With our expertise and knowledge of the sociocultural environment of the concerned countries, TIFOUR Market Research & Analysis can put you right on track from the start. We can scan your target markets, make trade contacts for you, participate to international trade fairs, seminars, congresses, even find you potential trade partners abroad. Delivering you in the end a complete analysis about your market with precious advice to conclude.

To complete the research assignment, we often travel to the destination, country or region of your interest. We basically work in all sectors but we have the broadest experience in the Dairy market and Agri-business, FMCG, where we helped companies to export their product to North-Africa.

We operate according to the client’s wishes, from very simple reports to the most complicated ones, adapted to the nature of the product.

We can operate as your agent, broker or distributor. We can also provide you valuable, tailor-made information or work for you on assignment basis.

We can finish our research with a report or presentation on your demand.

We offer competitive prices.

  Market Research & Analysis